Vehicle Intercept Protective Panel System (V.I.P.P.S.)

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PFC Loadout is proud to introduce an exciting new product we are calling the Vehicle Intercept Protective Panel System or VIPPS. This one of a kind innovation fills a tremendous void in the operational domain & has at least four unique uses. First it can be used in accordance with PFC’s “vehicle takedown/intercept tactics” which involve the use of a fixed & mounted support element, giving them enhanced protection as well as identification in a marked vehicle. Secondly, when placed on front doors, the VIPPS can provide officers on high risk carstops enhanced protection when working with soft skin vehicles. Third, the VIPPS can create a low visibility protection bump to vehicles being used for executives or high risk transport. And finally, the VIPPS creates a soft, light, storable, concealable hasty body bunker.

The system is 24” x 24” of level IIIA soft armor enclosed in a Cordura nylon carrier. The carrier is equipped with a handle on the backside for anchoring it to a vehicle interior handle, frame or headrests, while the front and back feature a MOLLE grid for attaching equipment, medical supplies, flex cuffs etc & finally a large hook & loop surface for attaching ID patches. Each unit comes complete with two fastex buckle straps for attaching the unit to the desired vehicle. 

The VIPPS represents another simple, yet vital solution for our nations best to safely execute their most hazardous tasks with more competence & confidence.

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