UTM Civilian Target Ammunition 9mm Handgun Rounds (01-3123)

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UTM Civilian Target Ammunition 9mm Handgun Rounds (01-3123). 

The UTM Civilian Target Ammunition (CTA) is the safest, most reliable and accurate alternative to live ammunition – ideal for beginners, recreational and competition shooters without the need to go to the range.

Whether you are a off duty police officer, hunter, competition shooter, gun safety instructor or simply someone who enjoys the shooting sports, the UTM Target Shooting Round will revolutionize and enhance how you practice and the target shooting industry. Now you have the freedom to target shoot virtually anywhere you want, when you want, practice and improve your skills and proficiency on your terms, and not use a single round of your live ammunition stock.

NOTE: This 50 round box is for use in the UTM CTA Handgun Conversion Kits and are NOT for Force on Force use.