Ring's Blue Guns (long guns)

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Ring’s Manufacturing Inc. provides the most detailed and extensive line of non-lethal training aids on the market today. All products are exact castings of the actual weapons used for Law Enforcement and Military Training. Each training aid is hand crafted in strong impact resistant polyurethane. All long guns have added steel reinforcement, preventing bending and flexing while maintaining the handling and balance of the actual weapon they represent. Handguns will function in high security duty holsters, activating any safety device, enabling safe “presentation” and weapon-retention drills. Rail guns will accept mounted accessories. Each training aid is fabricated in “Law Enforcement Blue,” the most recognized safety color throughout the world.  Training uses include: 

• firearm retention techniques

• disarming techniques 

• structure entry and clearing 

• immediate action responses 

• threat discrimination 

• use-of-force consideration

• close-quarters battle 

• marksmanship and weapons-handling fundamentals 

• threat-engagement responses 

• shooter movement, shooting-on-the-move, and multiple threat engagement techniques

• shooting position acquisition and recovery

• use of barricades

PFC Loadout offers the following Ring’s products:

COLT M4 w/ Open Stock, Forward Rail, and 14” Barrel

Kalashnikov AK47

Remington 870 w/18" Barrel 

If you do not see the long gun you are looking for please email us at info@PFCloadout.com to find out if we can support your request. 

***This product is available for in store pick up only***