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The PFC SPEC AR-15 FORK (Fix or Repair Kit) contains the essential parts and tools specified by PFCT that can quickly bring your broken AR-15 back into the fight. The Kit contains all of the following replacement parts:

1 ea Complete assembled bolt  
1 ea Firing pin  
1 ea Bolt cam pin  
4 pcs Takedown detent springs  
4 pcs Takedown detents  
2 pcs Buffer detents  
2 pcs Buffer detent springs  
2 pcs Firing pin retaining pins  
2 pcs Extractor springs with bumper pads  
2 pcs Selector springs/ ejector springs  
2 pcs Selector detents  
1 ea Hammer spring  
1 ea Trigger spring  
1 ea Disconnector spring  
2 pcs Hammer/trigger pins  
1 ea Pistol grip screw  
1 ea Pistol grip screw washer  
1 ea  Standard charging handle       

Included Tools: 

1 ea Griffin Armament armorers wrench
1 ea Right angle ratcheting bit driver
1 ea 2" extension
1 ea 5" extension
30 pcs Hex, Torx, Slotted, and Phillips bits
4 pcs Roll pin starter punches: 1/16", 5/64", 3/32", 1/8"
2 pcs Bolt catch install punches: 3/32", 5/32"
1 ea Plastic tweezer
1 ea Broken shell extractor
1 ea Sample pack of lube
1 ea Tube of blue Loctite     

All components are contained in a Small DAKA Lite Pouch with additional packaging to keep it organized and reduce rattle/noise.