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PFC Medical ADVANCED BILATERAL AFAK FIRST AID TRAUMA MED KIT is a two-piece design (Utilizing the High Speed Gear ReFlex IFAK System), designed to carry organized medical supplies with ambidextrous accessibility. The ReFlex IFAK was developed with direct input from active-duty medical personnel. The system, constructed primarily with heavy-duty nylon laminate, allows rapid deployment of medical supplies. 
• Features HANK (High Abrasion-Resistant Neoprene Kevlar® composite) grab handles for long-term durability
• Can mount vertically or horizontally on belts 1.5 "-2.25", and horizontally on MOLLE
• Intentional organization features put all supplies in easy reach
• Carry handle and shock cord loops allow the roll to be attached to a patient, or hung from an I.V. rack
• Gloves can be accessed via side slots with or without removing the roll from the carrier
• "Mini" MOLLE allows for precise fit on belts as narrow as 1.5" or two-row MOLLE panels
• Features loop panels on med roll and carrier for label patches

PFC Med Kits feature premium life saving medical components that address the leading causes of preventable combat death identified by Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) protocols. These critical tools enable responders to stop major bleeding, address penetrating trauma, and help prevent hypothermia when providing care at the point of wounding prior to transport to definitive care facilities. Includes PFC Med Patch.


1- CAT Tourniquet1- PFC Medical vinyl patch
1- PFC Medical vinyl patch
2 PR- Heavy-duty black nitrile gloves
1- NAR Mini Responder 4 in. ETD
1- Z folded Quikclot Combat Gauze
1- HyFin Vent Compact Chest Seal Twin Pack
1- Naso Airway 28FR W/ Lube 
1- Enhanced ARS For Needle Decompression (14 gauge x 3.25 in.)
1- NAR Compressed Gauze 4.5 in. x 4.1
1- Medical Sheers 
2- Mist Cards 
1- Surgical Tape 2” X 90" flat fold 
1- Survival Blanket 
1- CPR Face Shield
1- Black permanent marker 


Disclaimer:  Packaged for use by Trained Emergency Responders. By purchasing this product, you acknowledge and certify that you are a medically trained professional authorized by Federal, State, and/or Local policies, rules, regulations, guidelines, protocols, and/or laws. The brand/packaging of items may vary due to availability.