PFC MED M-FAK Advanced Pouch IFAK V2 Admin Bag (Empty)

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Military grade materials in this ADMIN / M-FAK pouch made for civilians, first responders, military, teachers, and outdoor enthusiasts. This versatile ADMIN/IFAK pouch can be stored ANYWHERE, and still large enough to hold everything needed to save a life and treat wounds. Your belt, MOLLE, vest, small bag pocket, glove box, center console, in a drawer, small purse, and even in a jacket pocket. Molle compatible. Belt-Loop Compatible. You can fit almost any ADMIN items in this bag including your phone, pens, batteries, flashlight, small notebook, multitool, rope, and much more!  You can fit almost any IFAK items in this pouch including Compressed Gauze, Israeli Bandage, NPA Nasopharyngeal Airway, Full-Size Tourniquet, Chest Seals, Bandages, Tape, Tweezers, Shears, Gloves, Gauze, Splints, and much more! Pull admin pouch / med kit off the mounted panel with one hand without removing it from your MOLLE gear or belt. 500D Nylon mounted panel stays in place while admin bag / med kit contents are removed and opened up for lightning fast access.