Lucas Extreme Duty CLP, Liquid, 4oz, Clean, Lubricate and Protect Oil

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Lucas Oil Extreme Duty CLP is designed to clean, lubricate and protect your firearms in one simple step. It contains high grade additives that dissolve powder residue, old lubrication and other contaminates. It penetrates deep into rust to help clean neglected firearms and free rusted parts and actions. Extreme Duty CLP's superior anti-wear additives reduce friction and wear while the unique waterproof, super slick film resists blow out and extends firearm life and runtime.

PFC recommends this product as a good multipurpose CLP. The Training Cadre recently used Lucas Extreme Duty CLP in a training course to lubricate M240 machine guns. 

Link to PFC Training Video

This is a thin lubricant that may migrate. The benefit of a viscus lubricant is that it will perform better in cold conditions, and is less likely to collect dust/debris. If you expect to operate in especially wet/marine conditions, or if longer term adhesion is desired, a grease product may be more desirable.