Firearm Lock With Key

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  • A SAFE WAY TO STORE YOUR FIREARM. As a gun owner, the primary responsibility is the safe and secure storage of your firearm. And, it is very necessary to make a good deterrent or home safety device if you've got kids. DELSWIN gun locks are specially designed for rifles and pistols with magazines and/or short barrels.
  • [COMPATIBLE WITH MOST PISTOLS AND RIFLES] Fit most pistols, handguns, rifles, shotguns, modern sporting rifles, BB guns, paintball, pellet and airsoft guns.
  • [HEAVY DUTY CABLE LOCK] Our cable gun lock is constructed from laminated steel for strength and security. Easily operate and never get stuck. Includes 3 keys with each lock.
  • [SCRATCH RESISTANT CABLE COATING] This shotgun lock is 15in long and features 0.22in diameter braided steel for maximum strength and flexibility. No sharp edges and the cable portion of the lock is covered so that it doesn't cause any scratching, or damage to your gun.
  • [NOT ONLY FOR YOUR GUN] Cable locks with keys are widely use for gun case, cabinet, gym locker, trash cans and so on. Actually, you can also use it as a motorcycle helmet lock, it will definitely discourage the casual bad guy from swiping your gear.