Elzetta BRAVO 2-Cell Light - Model B211

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Elzetta Bravo (2-Cell) Modular Flashlight with Low Profile Bezel, 235-lumen Malkoff M60 LED Module, and Rotary Tailcap.

There are flashlights, there are tactical flashlights and then there are Elzetta flashlights. Simplicity in design, power in output, and unrivaled toughness make Elzetta’s ZFLM60LS2R the obvious choice for PFC Loadout. With a 2-cell (CR123) body, epoxy potted circuitry (unbreakable), momentary-on tailcap, and focused hot 200+ lumen beam we have yet to use a better light. Used in conjunction with a 1" light ring and you now have a simple, snag-free, intuitive weapon-mounted light as well.