Battle Arms Development RACK Ambi Charging Handle AR15 Mod C

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The Battle Arms Development RACK™ Ambidextrous Charging Handle was developed  to be the finest charging handle ever produced! It is the toughest available for the AR-15 platform. The RACK™ charging handle is simplicity at its best with only three major components. Unlike other charging handles, the RACK™ makes no contact with the sides of the receiver preventing wear on the receiver and charging handle. Not only is it fast and buttery smooth, it also minimizes wear to the upper receiver with it's side-sliding unlocking action. The RACK™ is no doubt the new heavyweight champion among all other ambidextrous charging handles. Engineered to withstand the abuse of downrange use! 

Purpose built with asymmetric use in mind, the RACK™ will handle left or right side pulls with ease. Regardless of your charging handle racking technique, the RACK™ will perform with consistent and positive assurance.