About us

Welcome to PFC Loadout, offering kit that is training tested and battle proven.

The tactical equipment scene has seen a virtual explosion over the past two decades with options, evolutions and innovations; some good and some downright awful.  The PFC instructor cadre has a unique advantage of seeing large cross-sections of kit exposed to punishing conditions where only the best products rise.

Through our T&E of emerging technologies and regular input into the design process of various products, PFC Loadout seeks to impart our training philosophy into the gear sector.  We seek to streamline the means of getting the best tools and equipment into the hands of those who need it the most.

On "Loadout" you will not find variety.  We have selected what we feel to be the very best products in very specific areas and limited it to that, staking our reputations on each item.  Every piece of gear we offer is engaged in an active battle to remain in the line-up and if something better comes along, we will adjust...simple as that.

Equipment is one of the few things we can control in the fight.  PFC Loadout aims to save our customers time, money, research and frustration associated with making poor or uninformed purchases.  This greatly benefits the end-user so you can focus instead on actual preparation and training for what your gear is designed to support.  Thank you for checking us out.

- The PFC Team