PFC SPEC Rifle-Mounted Light System Modlite 18350 Black

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The PFC SPEC Rifle-Mounted Light System is the product of extensive testing and evaluation conducted by the PFC Training Cadre. The specification starts with the 18350 scout body tube complete with a high-performance 1200mAh Protected Cell” button top rechargeable battery. The light head required for this package is the powerful PLHV2 unit produced by Modlite. While the lumen output of this light head is similar to the Surefire® M600DF, the throw is much better suited to a rifle-mounted application with more than three times the amount of throw compared to the M600DF. This light head is also an advancement from Modlite’s previous PLHv1 light head. Lumen output is about the same, but throw is greatly improved. It is the best balance of flood and throw available from any weapons-mounted light on the market today. We have spec'd out the simple and efficient Arisaka Momentary Tail Cap for positive operation even in the most stressful situations. The mount provided with this turn-key package is the Bobro Mfg. M-Lok Pivoting QD Flashlight Mount. This mount pivots to nearly any position, locating the light as close to the bore axis as possible. Because this is a rechargeable system, we have included a Nitecore I2 2 Cell Smart Charger to keep your batteries fully charged.  


Click below to see PFC's Brian Hartman unpack this innovative light system.