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FIREClean™ is designed to hold as an oil to the highest possible temperatures, and provide the best possible lubricity across the applicable temperature spectrum. In addition to the “wet” lubrication provided by the oil itself, FIREClean™ also conditions the metal deeply to provide inherent slipperiness or lubricity. Even in the absence of visible oil, metal parts still slide freely due to the remarkable “boundary lubrication” properties of FIREClean. A very light, thin coat of oil on any parts that are subject to mechanical movement, or fouling from carbon or other sources is all that is required.

PFC Instructor Cadre would not endorse this product, nor would it be offered on PFC Loadout, if this product did not work as well, or even better, than advertised. Visit our YouTube channel to learn just how hard we “run” our weapons systems; and see just how harsh our operational environments typically are. Used as directed by the manufacturer, we believe you will be more satisfied with the performance of FIREClean™ than any other similar product you have ever tried.

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