Breakthrough Clean Technologies Vision Series Pistol Handgun Cleaning Kit For .35 Cal/ .38 Cal/ 9MM

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The Breakthrough Clean Technologies® Vision Series™ Cleaning Kit line offers you everything you need to ensure a thorough clean. Its plastic tray keeps all the various pieces of the kit organized neatly inside a durable case that acts like a mini toolbox.

Designed to clean .357 Cal / .38 Cal / and 9mm. These cleaning kits come with cleaning rod sections, various hard bristle nylon brushes, jags, patch holders, and cotton patches. Also included is a durable polymer “T” handle for an easy grip and a mini bottles of Breakthrough® Military-Grade Solvent and Battle Born High-Purity Oil.


  • INCLUDES: 2 Brass Rods, Polymer T Handle, Nylon Bore Brush, Brass Patch Holder, Patches, Brass Jag, 15mL Bottle of Gun Solvent, 12mL Bottle of Battle Born High-Purity Gun Oil.
  • GUN RANGE ACCESSORIES: The stiff nylon brushes include a rugged brass core & quickly attack heavy carbon build up to ensure thorough cleaning of your pistol. The 100% cotton mops are soft, washable, & effective in cleaning your bore.
  • GUN CLEANING KIT: 100% cotton knit gun patches come in pre-cut squares & make it easy to clean your firearm before & after a range session effectively. We've also included our detachable aluminum handle with knurling for an easy grip.
  • GUN OIL: The 12 mL bottle of Battle Born High Purity Oil is a general-purpose & low-viscosity lubricant that is user-safe. It helps protect against rust, wear & withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -90 degrees to +417 degrees Fahrenheit.