PFC A-1 Training Target

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PFC A1 Training Target, represents another quantum leap forward in efficient training methodology. Sold in sets of 25.

Target features:

  • Three dimensional shading
  • Thoracic cavity, cranio-ocular cavity & pelvic girdle to coincide with PFC's 5 doctrinal shooting responses
  • Target zones very subtly marked to eliminate "bullseye" or target style shooting devoid of realism
  • Pictured silhouette holding handgun can be marked as either a shoot or no-shoot during scenario-based training
  • Large A1 marking visible at 100M to coincide with upcoming B2 & C3 targets marked for multiple threat resolution drills
  • PFC Proprietary Carbine BZO target integrated over right shoulder.                                            

 **1 Order = 25 Targets for $14.00**