Ballistic Off-Body Bag (B.O.B.B.) MOD3 BOBB MOD 3

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The Ballistic Off-Body Bag (B.O.B.B.) MOD3, is the newest, updated version of this proprietary PFC design, delivering the ultimate, practical off-body weapons carry. This low profile and “non-tactical” cross-body shoulder bag is a 100% American-made product, capable of housing a custom Kydex flat-backed holster and ID panel. The bag features gear storage compartments, and most importantly, 7" x 18” of level IIIA body armor across the user’s chest and pelvis (2 - 7"x9" panels).  The bag has an inner female loop panel, laser cut to accommodate Molle or male hook panel attachment.  

Deployment from the system is rapid, positive and intuitive with presentation times comparable to traditional belt carry.  The bag can be utilized regardless of clothing selection, or where cover garments are impractical. When the need to carry additional equipment is a must, the B.O.B.B. is unrivaled. Its performance from a seated position and even belted into a motor vehicle solves the problems caused by traditional belt-mounted holsters. For those who must remain discreet, this system eliminates all printing. 

Updates to BOBB Bag MOD3 from the MOD2 Version:  

-Heavier “matte finish” material on the front panel for added durability and less reflectivity.  

 -Reinforced armor retention straps.  

 -Redesigned and strengthened top hook and loop panel attachment.  

 -Wider bag connecting strap for enhanced concealment of bag contents.  

 -Improved Molle panel for easier Molle weaving and alignment marks to insure correct front panel positioning.   

 -Improved zipper reduces binding.  

 -Updated strap hardware for smoother operation and adjustment.  

 -Shortened middle strap portion to allow for higher armor placement with better vitals coverage.  

Interior holsters are custom ordered to accommodate your specified handgun. Never before have discreet concealment, secure carry, fast weapon access, and ballistic protection been combined into one user-friendly package. The B.O.B.B. is a game changer and a must-have option for any serious concealed weapon carrier. 

Your BOBB order will arrive already assembled with the selections you choose, i.e. armor and holster. 
**Due to ITAR regulations, we are unable to ship the BOBB, with ballistic panels, outside of the United States. We do not ship the B.O.B.B. for personal use outside of the United States. If you are a Law Enforcement Agency or Training Facility in a Country other than the US, please contact us to inquire. 

***DISCLAIMER: If you order the B.O.B.B. WITHOUT Custom Holster, please note that PFC will not provide support for installation of after-market holsters nor do they guarantee proper function of the B.O.B.B. when not installed by someone from the PFC Team. 

Also, check out the B.O.B.B. Med Kit. This is a well thought out and purposefully built medical kit specifically designed to integrate into the BOBB System.   

IF you would like to order the BOBB without armor or a holster within the US you MUST provide proof that you currently own an earlier version of the BOBB. This option is only available for those upgrading their 1st or 2nd Generation BOBB Bag. If you do not provide proof via email, your order WILL be cancelled and refunded.  

Please note that all B.O.B.B. bags ordered with a custom holster have a 10-14 business day lead-time to allow for the manufacture of your custom holster.  

If you do not see your current firearm option listed in the drop-down selection you can order the B.O.B.B. without a holster OR email us for a holster recommendation that will function with the B.O.B.B.